"Together we can make a difference"

Dr. Raed Mualem,  born to Christian family living in Nazareth, Israel, Dr. Raed Mualem is an educational administrator, he completed his undergraduate studies in biology. He also holds master’s degrees in science, educational leadership, management and health administration, along with a doctoral degree in life science - all awarded by Tel Aviv University.

 Dr Mualem is committed for education to all and he acts to support equality in education and accessibility for higher education and connect the local, with the global. Dr Mualem also aims to increase the awareness regarding the impact of our nutrition on our brain development, the cognitive and Human behavior. Dr Mualem aims to build a better, healthier future for people all over the world.



Dr. Raed Mualem established a small business and the products include;

  1. Jesus Organic Health Food.
  2. Holy Land Wood, Jewelry Souvenir.
  3. Educational products.

The revenue from selling the products will assist and help Dr. Mualem in the educational activities.

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